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  Munseys: The Woman Aroused

The Woman Aroused

Ed Lacy
Pulp Fiction
Description not available.

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(By: Celviano)
Fantastically offbeat story. The hero is an idle bachelor who spends his time dallying with an on-again-off-again ex-wife, betting a little money on the horses, and dancing alone in the cellar to jazz and bebop records. His life changes for the weirder when an old friend asks him to look after $7000 he wants hidden from an estranged wife. Next thing you know our hero has fallen hopelessly in lust with said wife, a towering monosyllabic mentally handicapped beauty who never bathes. The plot takes a long time to get anywhere, but it\'s the ride that\'s worthwhile: a rambling journey filled with beautiful detail and fascinating characters. Like Charles Willeford\'s \'Cockfighter,\' this is a book I picked up expecting a fast trashy read, only to find myself drawn into a wonderfully rich world.

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