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London, Jack

The call of the wild. Chapter 2: The law of club and fang, by J. London (20 min., 8 sec.).--The tell
Tags: Adventure stories, American | Short Stories | Action |

And Satan Came Also

Williams, Lon

The more experience he got, the surer Judge Steele became that he didn\'t belong on the bench. And h
Tags: Western Action |

Confidential Communication

Williams, Lon

Wardlow Steele could not believe his eyes and ears--why, here was Axe-Face Demeree on the side of th
Tags: Western Action |

Death Kiss, The

McCoy, Lew

Just one thing could save her man from the big house sizzle-squat--lust for her gorgeous body would
Tags: Double-Action Gang |

Fetch Me Brannon's Ears

Anderton, Seven

Hazel had thrown Lafe Garvin years ago because he wouldn\'t quit hellin\' around. But now she was ho
Tags: Double-Action Western |

Finger Of The Beast

Williams, Lon

If ever an accused man looked innocent, this Meeting-house Joyner did. And Judge Steele wished that
Tags: Western Action |

Ice Feud

Tuckwell, Ronald

A girl comes between these Maroon stars and the rink championship hangs in the balance.
Tags: Sports Action |

Key Witness

Williams, Lon

Judge Steele was beginning to wonder which was really worse--the culprits who came before him, or th
Tags: Western Action |

Matter of Venue, A

Williams, Lon

It was these danged technicalities in the law that made Judge Wardlow Steele curse the day he took t
Tags: Western Action |

Meal for the Devil, A

Christopher Barr, K

Behind Yen Sing\'s daring challenge to his gods lay thousands of years of tradition. And the Devil s
Tags: Action Novels |

Mind For Killing, A

Williams, Lon

One-Half Tompkins sure looked and acted loco, and French Demeree contended that a crazy man is not l
Tags: Western Action |

Mitigating Circumstances

Williams, Lon

Judge Wardlow Steele had to learn his profession as he went along . . .
Tags: Western Action |

Pass For Arabella

Hamilton, Ernest

Hank just could not resist a pretty face--and sometimes pretty faces are a deadly cover up!
Tags: Double-Action Western |

Pearl Hunger

Richard Wetjen, Albert

There is the song of the trade winds in this swift-moving story of tropic adventure! There is the cr
Tags: Action Novels |

Revolt of the Damned

Hoffmann Price, E

It was Kill! Ruthlessly... Unflichingly... or else Nita Ricco, the beautiful girl Blaze Hayden loved
Tags: Double-Action Gang |

Servant Of The Beast

Patrick Greene, L

Four men and a girl face the Beast Peril of the Death Worshippers--deep in the cradle land of civili
Tags: Action Novels |

Trail Trap, The

W Ford, T

Little Joe Bodie had to catch the murderer of Solitaire Tice alone, for Marshal Ellard was out of to
Tags: Western Action |

Whispering Death

Donovan, Laurence

A little story that carries the kick of a big one. In its pages you will find a cross-section of the
Tags: Action Novels |

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