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42 Keys to Murder

Churchill, Edward

Newspaper correspondent Nick Burney and his wife Sue become a pair of high-powered sleuths when they
Tags: Popular Detective |

Ace And A Pear, An

Archibald, Joe

When Willie Klump gets mixed up in the murder of a taxidermist he has to stuff the solution down Sat
Tags: Popular Detective |

Almost a Photo Finish

Archibald, Joe

Willie Klump, the hawkeye hawkshaw, takes the case of the morbid camera fiend and winds it up with a
Tags: Popular Detective |

Belle Told, The

Archibald, Joe

Snooty and Scoop, those Beantown newshounds, scented something strange about that landlady getting r
Tags: Popular Detective |

Bird Cagey

Archibald, Joe

A Fowl in the Hand May Be Worth Two in the Hedge, But Willie Klump Goes After Two Jailbirds with One
Tags: Popular Detective | Willie Klump |

Build-Up, The

S Endicott, J

Detective Jim Durst Did Not Let the Grass Grow Under His Feet When He Was Ordered Out on the Mavis P
Tags: Popular Detective |

Catch Me a Killer

Sidney Bowen, Robert

When you try to pin a rap on Lacey, you never can tell when he will turn right around--and pin it ba
Tags: Popular Detective |

Chair Is Not Cheated, The

Watt, Mel

Dr. Coffin, Radio Crime Specialist, is Suddenly Confronted with the Menace of Real Murder!
Tags: Popular Detective |

Cheesecake and Willie

Archibald, Joe

Private Eye Klump is no Napoleon, but when he gives the wrong answer on April First he soon meets hi
Tags: Popular Detective |

Cold Night For Murder, A

Lane Linklater, J

Grains of Glass In a Dead Man\'s Thumb Point the Way for Bill Treat on a Trail of Mystery!
Tags: Popular Detective |

Copperhead Killer

L Benton, John

Detective Dan Wade Breaks a Tough Case in a House of Hate!
Tags: Popular Detective |

Crime At Capetown

S Strong, Charles

A Slight Case of Triple Murder Plus an Epidemic of Vanishing Wheat Cars Brings Jan Pieter Van Bronck
Tags: Popular Detective |

D A Dies, The

L Benton, John

The Killer Had a Slick Murder Scheme--but He Missed a Bet When He Failed to Take a Girl's Keen Eyesi
Tags: Popular Detective |

Death Hangs High

S Endicott, J

Weird, Baffling Doom Stalks an Abandoned Mine!
Tags: Popular Detective |

Death In The Quiet Zone

Stalnaker, Leo

When Landetto Meets His Finish, Several People Are Put on the Spot!
Tags: Popular Detective |

Dick Tracery

Archibald, Joe

On the trail of terrible Tip Toomy, Willie Klump collars a mystery--and takes the starch out of Satc
Tags: Popular Detective |

Don't Fool With Murder

Sidney Bowen, Robert

"Make your act perfect tonight, because it may be your last," was the grim warning sent to the Great
Tags: Popular Detective |

Doom Offshore

Ronns, Edward

Death Stalks in the Wake of a Northeaster as Toby Waters Pilots Killers to a Fatal Trap!
Tags: Popular Detective |

Dumb Is The Word For Willie

Archibald, Joe

The President of the Hawkeye Detective Agency Swings Into Action Against the Killer Diller Gang!
Tags: Popular Detective |

Fit To Be Tried

Archibald, Joe

Willie Klump, the Hawkeye Hawkshaw, tackles a tangled case of murder and loot, and gives the miscrea
Tags: Popular Detective |

Fragile Evidence

Fredericks, Lee

Pierre Barodin proves he\'s a sleuth as well as a noted art authority when he gives his sword-cane a
Tags: Popular Detective |

Gat and the Mouse, The

Archibald, Joe

When the Hawkeye Hawkshaw meets up with Spelvin Sump, zany inventor of atom bullet, something is bou
Tags: Popular Detective |

Guns Are Handy Things

Sidney Bowen, Robert

Chet Lacey takes on a tough and dangerous chore when he attempts to bring the straying Alec Keltner
Tags: Popular Detective |

Hubba Hubba Homicide

Archibald, Joe

When a nightclub warbler is snatched, Willie Klump is just the bird to trap the kidnaper in his nest
Tags: Popular Detective |

Key of Death, The

C Criss, Vance

Officer Dennis O\'Toole Combines Music with Sleuthing
Tags: Popular Detective |

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