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Alibi--With Sound

Wallace, Robert

House dick Arty Boyle knows his rackets--noisy or otherwise!
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Blind Man's Fluff

Leslie Bellem, Robert

When a lethal trap is ready to be sprung, blind Griff Borlund hears whispers in the darkness--whispe
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Blonde Death

Clark, Dale

When White-Haired Amy Stafford Held Her Seventy-First Birthday Party, With Twelve Gorgeous Blondes a
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Companions Of The Corpse

Johnson, Frank

When Bill Hunter found a pal murdered on the beach, he knew it was time to move against his fifth co
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Copper's Holiday

J Millard, Joseph

Being heir to a fortune will not stop Mal Shade from plunging into action when some fast sleuthing i
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Corpse From Reno, The

L Benton, John

Reporter Dave Bruce Meets the Deadline for Solving a Mystery of Blackmail and Murder! Complete nove
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Death On The Meter

Ronns, Edward

Detective Dolliver of Homicide Runs a Chase With Doom on the Trail of a Killer--and Learns That the
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Death Takes The Wheel

Wayman Jones, G

When Crime and Corruption Scourge a City, Jimmy Gilmore Battles for Justice!
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Death's Social Blunder

L Benton, John

J. Martin Stover posed as a butler, but what he knew about criminal etiquette would fill a jail!
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Don't Meddle With Murder

S Montanye, C

The sports-reporter sleuth keeps up with his reading--and smashes into fast action when he spots a c
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Don't Wake The Dead

Morris, Frank

It looked too easy to Detective Luggan when the scared little man paid him five hundred to deliver a
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Five Minutes From The Grave

S Montayne, C

A walking dead man is a new one on Dave McLain!
Tags: Thrilling Detective |


K Wells, Hal

Patrolman Matt Foley was just a good-natured beat-pounder, but when Slug Partlo started cutting cape
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

G-Man Heat

Lowe, Milton

Frank Craig, Postal Inspector, Barges Head-On into a Malicious Racket where Murder is Just a Starter
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Gray Wolf's Fangs, The

S Lerch, R

Follow this relentless manhunter as he takes the trail of murderous racketeers! A Complete Novelet o
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Home for Christmas

Holden, Larry

His convict brother escapes from jail, plunging stolid, law-abiding Sam Murtagh into a confusing mur
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Homicide Shaft

Leslie Bellem, Robert

Nick Ransom, investigator extraordinary, faces an odd bow and arrow murder case.
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Homicide's Their Headache

G Hodges, Carl

Private Detective Bill Starch has both eyes wide open--but he is led into a blind alley when he take
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Mahatma Of Mayhem

Leslie Bellem, Robert

Hollywood\'s dying Guru accuses famed screen star Lola Dulac of killing him, but hard-boiled sleuth
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Murder Buys A Hat

Ronns, Edward

Rookie Crown Gets the Lowdown on a Suicide When Georgie Puts Her Wits to Work for Him!
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Murder Comes In Threes

C Butler, H

When animal trainer Jerry Blade loses his life, it's just the beginning of a grim reign of terror un
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

Murder Throws A Ringer

G Hodges, Carl

Di Berke mixes a tasty stew of horses and bullets and serves up a blue plate killer in...
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

No Story In It

J Burks, Arthur

Mixing Literature and sleuthing intrigues Jaben Coxe, but getting the low-down on the underworld has
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

One Shot Trick

Braden, Benton

When a masked stranger threatens to torture his wife, farmer Tim Turner rapidly puts his wits to wor
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

One Trial Less

Coughlan, Ted

Old Criminal Judge Wright was forgetful--but he still remembered how to pin down a killer!
Tags: Thrilling Detective |

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