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Huh, Weird Issues

Not sure what is going on, actually.  Travelling, so hope to fix tomorrow.

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Make That

As soon as I fix this one bug with cover images, I’ll have illustrated titles coming along quickly. /Oy. //Life issues.

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Call Me Incentivized

So yeah, during our five-day Pepco-imposed hiatus, I made a fascinating discovery about Jacki. We were at the Wawa next to Bethany Beach, stopping to grab a juice for her, and a couple of energy drinks for me (I had … Continue reading

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Had to flee DC

Our power’ll be back on… Whenever pepco gets around to it.

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Hey, Muppet, Can You Hold This Bag For Me?

Mother of all disclaimers to follow, but after seeing Amazon desperately pitching its Kindle Fire on ESPN, kinda have to comment. Disclaimer: I’ve been buying puts against Amazon stock for weeks. After their earnings date, those puts went through the … Continue reading

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Gotta Question the Timing

Whatever your feelings about the Agency Model for publishers–and I know I’m conflicted, ‘cuz once it came out, I went from getting 35% of certain books to 70%, with most ebooks by competitors selling for considerably more than my $3-5 … Continue reading

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My Guess: For Penguin It Is Just About the Money

Probably the nonsense about “friction” means more to Penguin than I think, but only a little bit more. They know that all their newest titles–Signet, I suspect is the one most checked-out on ebook devices–are all available for free download … Continue reading

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Intent v. Execution in Amazon-land

While I agree that folks like the ABA, B&N, BAM, everyone else on the planet may be “playing into Amazon’s hands” by refusing to stock titles from Amazon’s publishing arm, this kinda ignores that Amazon itself won’t stock titles if, … Continue reading

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Those Even-Worse Amazon Numbers

Best coverage of them might be on Zero Hedge, but even the New York Times is now calling out the low-margin Internet retailer. Cash is down another billion, to $5.4 bil. or something. For some reason, Amazon has this huge … Continue reading

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Decoupling from Amazon

As a follow-on to the Goodreads announcement, and amid Amazon’s general cutting of affiliates, screwing of business partners, etc. to become more of a single destination, thought I might mention this. When you get fed up enough, it is possible … Continue reading

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