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Almost Got all the Kinks Out

To make books work with the Kindle Fire, had to pretty much revamp my entire workflow. Then it takes me just a little while to get used to all the changes. Anyway, Merry Christmas, Internet.

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Still Playing With This

Have to work out some kinks for auto-generating covers (needed for Kindle Fire… and iPad too, of course Rerunning batch script on 35k ebooks takes a bit of time…

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Sorry for delays

Making a fix to 35k+ books for Kindle Fire weirdness. Have processed 27k+ now, so… soon

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PDFs of New Pulps Fixed

Err, you know, laptop, boat, etc. Were we missing quotes from pdfs lately? Looks like it’s a problem on FoxIt, but maybe not in Acrobat or something… anyway, reran the last couple hundred pdfs today, which I think are all … Continue reading

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They Are Kinda Similar, Plus I Am on a Boat

Both stories about a guy who becomes a chauffeur. One, the Heyward, he’s fleeing a job at Cal-something. The other, from N.R. de Mexico, guy’s washed out on general aviation. Sort of a warning, the N.R. de Mexico guy is … Continue reading

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Those Awful Amazon #s

I’m of the opinion, shared by some of my fellow independent publishers, that Amazon will only become a company you can deal with again after their stock price corrects. Talking a 60-70% drop from its peak, a la Netflix. Betting … Continue reading

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In Frankfurt for Book Fair

Guten Tag. Actually, though folks in the States think I might be German, I stand out here as ‘Merican. All the store clerks say hello. I experienced this repeatedly, searching for an adapter for laptops.

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Oof, those two categories were hard to kill

Apologies. Gone now. #hacked

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Sorry, We Were Hacked Sunday

Able to restore everything from yesterday’s backup. Relevant server logs have been forwarded to the useful places. I do apologize, the lovely review of Nightmare Town was lost, but nothing else is missing.

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Sorry, Missed Yesterday

Apologies, my baseball team plays meaningful games in September once every 15 years or so, and it gets a little exciting. Should have another pulp scan next week, Trapped by Richard Heyward, before I head off to Frankfurt.

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