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PubIt! Three Weeks In

I was told I must give an update. Here are my experiences w/ PubIt! so far. Interface: PubIt has by far the best interface for small and self-publishers. Everything is on one page. You can sort by author, which Amazon, … Continue reading

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Disagreeing With $149 as a Magic Number

Reading about the Nook’s sorta impressive price-drop, there’s speculation that $149 is the magic price point. While I absolutely agree with Guy that Sony/Kobo/Irex–oops, sorry/Whatever-the-hell-Borders-is-selling are even toastier than before, I don’t think $149 is that magic number. As a … Continue reading

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Itunes Producer 2.1.2 Released!

Some fixes, some things for faster import of content for the big firms.  Apple deserves much credit for jumping on the issues, particularly given Epubcheck 1.0.5 only certifies (in the words of Dr. Kovid Goyal, Ph.D., CalTech) that a banyan … Continue reading

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Kindle Update Achieved!

OK, I like the faster page turns.  I suppose I could do something with the folders thing, but, really, I only read from the first 10 books. Social Networking integration is completely moronic.  I mean, they don’t even ask you to … Continue reading

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One Thought About Why Stanza-for-iPad Happened

Sitting here, noticing the usual surge in Stanza-related downloads whenever a new version is released, one thing I guess nobody’s pointed out about why Amazon (acquirer of Stanza-maker Lexcycle) allowed Stanza-for-iPad to be released, when the Stanza platform appeared to … Continue reading

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Two Business Days for Approval at the Ibookstore

It’s Wednesday, and I put that gorgeous little Froggy into the Itunes Bookstore Saturday afternoon.  But let’s remember, Monday was a holiday. Like the Metadata. Love the frog. More’s to come!  

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Err, Apple’s New Ibookstore Channel Doesn’t Hurt Publishers

No, really. This thing doesn’t touch Random House or Penguin or S&S. There aren’t that many name authors ready to sell their own ebooks. Yet. Further, self-publishers are really being sent, by Apple, to Approved Aggregators, some of whom still … Continue reading

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How Many Apple Products Can You Spot in This Press Release Lead?

I’m counting four. And, it gets more interesting. Free Android app for reading allows customers to enjoy over 540,000 Kindle books on Android phones; Amazon offers Kindle apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, PC, BlackBerry and, soon, Android These … Continue reading

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More on Palm, HP, Company C

Something from a dude at ZDNet who’s actually read the proxy statement.  There’s still another bidder out there, and, though shares of PALM are below 5.71, not by enough at this stage in a merge.

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End Coming for Sony Reader?

Jane at Dear Author was first to note: Sony’s selling its Touch Ereader via online closeout specialist Woot. This is the first time Sony’s Reader has been sold via Woot. If you’re unfamiliar with Woot, they have “deals-a-day”–and every now and again start selling stuff rapidly, one thing after … Continue reading

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