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Wow, Another Hack

Sorry, it was a pretty quick fix here.  Also, having the ISP watch the site.  Not sure if that was a spambot or what.  They didn’t harm anything, just… submitted their code as a book description. We all have hobbies.

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When Your Honor, This Man Is a Convicted Domestic Terrorist Is Not Enough

Update: Apparently Walker was arrested on Battery Charges filed by Kimberlin over an iPad at the close of the hearing. Also, welcome everyone, this site is mostly about free ebooks, especially pulp fiction and small publishing things, but I’ve been … Continue reading

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Gotta Question the Timing

Whatever your feelings about the Agency Model for publishers–and I know I’m conflicted, ‘cuz once it came out, I went from getting 35% of certain books to 70%, with most ebooks by competitors selling for considerably more than my $3-5 … Continue reading

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Did I Scan Obstinate Murderer Twice?

I’m sorry. I went to China; got a kid.

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How Google Can Pay Amazon Back for the Android App Store

Sure y’all have heard, Amazon in its war with Google is about to launch its own App store for Android devices.  This would appear to be short-sighted: partly because, err, Google’s store is already installed on most phones; partly because … Continue reading

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So, This Is My Daughter

That’d be Jia Xi. Or Jacki, to those of us born on the East Side of the Pacific. It took a little while for us to link up with her. A year and a day, just about. She likes her … Continue reading

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Has Apple Already Beaten Kindle?

Without even bringing their A game? Big news is that Random House is going Agency, ahead of the rumored iPad 2 launch (Wednesday.) This is on top of news that companies like Pearson (Penguin’s parent) are really kicking it with … Continue reading

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Sadly, Poe House Is Third Literary Landmark in Sowebo

To fall on hard times. Of the other two Southwest Baltimore spots, The Mencken House has been closed to the public for years, and Dashiell Hammett’s teen-year residence on Stricker Street is long-gone (the “Baltimore Orphan’s Asylum” in that link … Continue reading

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Some K3 Programming Hints

Now, I’m dumb, but this doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the Internetwebby things. Kindle 3′s browser identifies somewhat trickily. But all you need to know, really, is that it’s Kindle 3. So, if you’re doing preg_match redirects, like what’s … Continue reading

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Personally, I Just Order a Large Coffee

Had to look up Dr. Lynne Rosenthal, the lady who freaked out at Starbucks over bad grammar. My first thought: non-tenure track, typical retail clerk earns more, turns out not to be the case. The woman in question, while not … Continue reading

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