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Testing a WP Upgrade

From like 2.3.

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Sorry, uploaded yesterday’s books twice.  Fixed now

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Know that Feeling You Get

When you’re in a Chinese city, and there’s no wifi, so you’re forced to update from a PC in the business center–but the business center’s like I.E. only, and it also has some kind of weird “download controller” thing that’s … Continue reading

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OK, Ebook Sales Are Down 3% in April

… make that, self-reported ebook sales.  And… that’s a month when the Agency 5 vanished from the Kindle store (and everywhere else) for a while… returning with higher prices… and Apple couldn’t meet demand for the iPad… and some Kindle … Continue reading

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Ahh, Ebook Hubris

Somebody sent this link to a tweet by Hadrien, founder of Feedbooks. We’ve had more downloads than Project Gutenberg for the last 6 months. Can we claim the title of “most popular website for public domain” ? The short answer … Continue reading

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More on Palm, HP, Company C

Something from a dude at ZDNet who’s actually read the proxy statement.  There’s still another bidder out there, and, though shares of PALM are below 5.71, not by enough at this stage in a merge.

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If 55 Ebook Storefronts on the Internet Fell…

and no one really cared, would Mobipocket still have trouble paying out 1Q royalties? This has probably been noted elsewhere, but, the shift of 5/6 large Manhattan publishers from a previously-standard royalty arrangement–i.e., 60% of an ebook’s suggested retail price to them–to … Continue reading

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Oops, Lost a Month There on Munsey’s

Sorry gang, hadn’t realized.  All the books from Oct. 27th to Nov. 23th just sort of vanished from the site.  I remember there was a database crash, and then a couple days later a DNS thing, and then, you know, … Continue reading

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Perseus Ipad Deal Is Bigger Than You Think

The Perseus Book Group deal with Apple is extraordinary.   Bet on most publishers distributed by Perseus opting in.  Stunning. Amazon in the past year has laughingly blown away ebook pioneers like Sony and Overdrive.  Jeff and Co. watched as Borders … Continue reading

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Not Sure What’s Happening With Reviews

I’ll ask.

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