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End of Year Retailer Summary

So, I’m starting to put together final tallies from the site that makes money for a couple interested parties. It’s pretty easy to track where 90-something percent of my ebook sales come from, and no, apart from saying it was … Continue reading

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It’s All Part of Their Plot to Keep Me Using Reader Through the Post-Holiday Mall Season

Teh Interweb’s abuzz with news that you can get a $50 credit from Sony for books that are not free everywhere else, if you create an account with Connect, click “redeem a gift card,” type in “HOLIDAYGIFT” “and activate your … Continue reading

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Thank Goodness Their Ebook Initiatives Have Been Entirely Above-Board

Slashdot outrage to Adobe’s peculiar practice of sending out signals whenever users of the Creative Suite 3 launch the program. There’s the usual unconvincing denials from an Adobe exec, and folks looking seriously for any competition… not that such rivals … Continue reading

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Luckily, They Still Have Solid Relationships with Publishers to Fall Back on

NY Times on Corporate Retail Flagships: Meanwhile, the Sony flagship store on West 56th Street, a few blocks from Apple’s Fifth Avenue store, has the hush of a mausoleum. If you ever get bored, check out what’s happened to Apple … Continue reading

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Sony Reader Coming To Target?

The cases will be there shortly. Hey, it gets Sony into Amazon, kinda, and might be a better market for ‘em than Borders–Target sells a ton of books, though not as many after the AMS bankruptcy. Disclaimer, Target is of … Continue reading

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Ya got $21 Mil. in Piracy Credits, How Do You Spend It?

So Antigua wins the right to pirate $21 million worth of U.S. Copyrighted materials annually, ‘cuz our nannies here won’t let people gamble online, what with moral issues and all. If you’re Antigua, it’s tough figuring out what to pirate, … Continue reading

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De Facto OLPC Ebook Format Revealed:

HTML. Quick, somebody complicate this. It’s for the children!

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Merry (blank)ing Christmas (blank) (Blank)(BLANK)

So, err, anyway, on the new mobile edition, there was a problem with Kindle, ‘cuz Kindle doesn’t like the HTML tag target=”_blank” — that’s “Open in New Window” for those of us who’ve never been to htmlgoodies. Umm, I actually … Continue reading

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Trying to have more books late tomorrow

No guarantees If not, Merry Christmas, and see ya Wed.

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The Wrath of Chuck

So, Penguin does a low-rent Internet-based book, and an angry Chuck Norris declares war. What’s interesting is why this title–”compiled” by a Brown undergrad–got printed.  I mean, the Chuck Norris Facts  are amusing, but it’s just not ninja. There’s an … Continue reading

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