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Mai Tais Are Good

Blue Hawaiians better. /We’re down to four books Monday+Tuesday, but then things should get back to normal…

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Men at the Epub Factory, Old and Cunning

Somebody want to tell Alex Turcic, he don’t owe nothing, and boy ought to get running? I don’t know, I’m watching junior, recognizing a need, sorta take back over MobileRead’s message postings, Commander Taco style.  But the topics break down … Continue reading

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O’Reilly Disintermediates

Watch this model: Name publisher puts its content into Kindle store. Sells direct without DRM. Doesn’t care about anyone else, let alone mention them as “other retailers”… So, the thing to take away from this is that O’Reilly, author of … Continue reading

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Macmillan Supports .Epub… Natively… Ish!

From a lost BEA presser: “We want to make it as easy as possible for publishers to start making money from their .epub conversions,” says Robert Kasher Director of Sales for MPS Mobile. “By providing us with files already in … Continue reading

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Cleaning Out the Camera

We’re hitting the Arizona in a couple of hours. This was Memorial Day. Had lots of fun, though as it was a Dodger game, the crowd was relatively subdued. They released a bald eagle for the holiday, and the thing … Continue reading

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Perils of a Paris-Based Reporter

So, I’m up before sunrise, and I catch Doreen Carvajal’s piece on the Amazon/Hachette kerfluffle. It’ s a weird story for the Times, as the publishers of the NY Times Book Review in general know that industry-standard discounts for books … Continue reading

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There’s Solomon

I’m sunburned.  Somebody still owes me a highly caloric fructified beverage, but maybe tomorrow.  Ate fried shrimp with pinapple today. Betrothed to a Dead Man. …. vaguely thinking I forgot to check 7 Slayers for vague itals, but admit the … Continue reading

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Hi From Hawaii

Have fun today.

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Heading Out

Short ebook rations For those who care, Mr. Sturman did receive advance review copies, made a number of corrections  and recorded the entire work before passing away last week.

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Friday The 13th Does Suck

Email: Nathan Paul Sturman had closed his 60 years of life on June 6th, 2008, 7:30am in Japan. We will have his funeral at Haym Salomon Memorial Park ADDRESS:  200 Moores Road, Frazer, PA  19355 Directions:  Proceed 1.7 miles to McDade Blvd  Turn Left Cemetery 100 Ft. on left side. You can also check on the Map Quest it by typing in Haym Salomon Memorial Park, Frazer PA. The Time: June 15th, Sunday, 2008, will start from 1:00pm. People who can not … Continue reading

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