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38 Minutes to Spare

For the record, I did manage to update Munsey’s tonight, at 11:22 pm.  Give or take.  Won’t be able to tell tomorrow, but there it is. … also put another 50 books into CreateSpace, mostly Silk and later Black Mask. … Continue reading

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Things It’s Not a Good Idea to Discover at 2 a.m. in Hyderabad

Err, if you want to actually see any books in a category that might have 4,000 of them, take that really cool new “Language” sort bar and set Language to “All.” Umm, I’ll have them do future changes on the … Continue reading

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Sorry for the Delays

I’m trying to become myspace friends with Bennigan’s Rockville, but she’s not answering me.  This has been made more complicated by the fact that I don’t have a myspace account… but I really kinda want one now. Elsewhere, Adobe Mobile … Continue reading

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Did We Miss a Shake-Up?

So, I’ve been looking for Bill McCoy anywhere.  Seems like this’d be his moment.  But the only Adobe person around was Dan Baum, of New Business Initiatives… …. no Bogaty either…

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Beizhou Revolts for $500, Alex.

Oh yeah, back from my trip, want to mention that Kinokuniya will be carrying Mr. Sturman’s book. Actually, a few people are interested in an original translation of a forbidden work by Chinese master Luo Guanzhong (completed by Feng Menglong) … Continue reading

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Dr. Strange-Pub, Or How I Came To Stop Fearing and Learned To Love Adobe Mobile

So, once the SQL script updates the database, you’ll notice that format12 on Munsey’s is now Adobe Mobile/Epub.  It’s around 6,500 files on the site, all the books I’ve done in the last year.  Certain conversion softwares take time, doing … Continue reading

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Exact Kindle Quote

Page 4 of Seeking Alpha: Jeffrey Bezos We don’t really breakout those digital figures. What I can tell you on kindle is that we’re not releasing the number of units of kindle that we’ve sold, the number of devices, what … Continue reading

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Ya Know, This Isn’t My Best Year for Picking Stocks

Amazon shrugs off high gas prices, weak economy Chief Executive Jeff Bezos said Amazon suspects increased fuel prices may give it a “relative advantage” over other retailers. “Even just driving 10 miles these days is a few dollars worth of … Continue reading

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Enjoy Fantomas

A few tricksy things with it… so somebody tell David White not to print the book yet. I’m out of here.

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Sometimes Ya Can’t Give It Away

So I’m moving all the music from a dead PC, and I note the iTunes App Store is now listing the most popular downloads–both free and commercial.  My other question, namely why Fictionwise would do PR on the Ereader Iphone … Continue reading

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