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You Know, Pulps Have Gotten a Boost of Late

What with CreateSpace, and the whole “into the global digital catalog thing,” but nothing you say can make me reprint that McPartland. It’s, err, a noir.  Sorta.  With a happy ending.  In Carmel.   With Heroin.  From Japan!

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Time To Update The Kindle Store Graphic

150k books is a distant memory. They’re now at 161,443.  More interestingly, we’re back to a lag before Mobi-store published show up in Kindleville. Though there’s still a backlog of around 600 works, I’ve been putting her titles into Mobi … Continue reading

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OK, Cover Images Work Again

Now might be a good time to mention, I’m heading to Taiwan for 10 days in September, some of it’s biz-related, some of it’s to catch up with somebody I ain’t seen in a while, and of course, I will … Continue reading

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OK, There’s the Right Book.php.bak

2_.bak … Two sets of developers; three sets of replace’em scripts…

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OK, I Still Don’t Know What’s Up With New Books Page

But we are almost there…

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Dude, that’s like almost Really close. Won’t take more than 6-18 months to finish.  Promise

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Well, That Was a bit Goofy

Something made the database go wacky.  Not sure what, just restored from backups, I’ll rerun the epub adding scripts, and sort out what was a homepage book tomorrow (those were manual.) Odd. At a show this weekend, or I’d go … Continue reading

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An Actual Kindle User! Apparently They Don’t Unbox

From Braak: Site is Threat Quality.  Worth a watch.  Also, note that hipsters (the I-pod’s core market) are now using the device. Warning, link contains ebook device violence.

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Lyrics Have Changed, But Kindle FUD Remains The Same

OK, for the record, I’m extremely pissed at Amazon at the moment.  No, don’t worry, all’s good on the Kindle front, CreateSpace is dandy, Booksurge kinda eh, but when I gotta look up from yet-another hike in shipping costs (below … Continue reading

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