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That’s Real Competition

Penguin has the booth across from me, and they’ve giving away Skittles! No sign of Sony.  Had fun yesterday, saw costumes, will in fact be getting early rest tonight… (really, it’s a 9 AM start, and gets quite hectic…. I … Continue reading

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An Austin Warning

OK, so I’m at Docs, sampling Texas pales, forgetting a lame time at Ego’s bar (which… sucked.)  Anyway, some jackass comes to the bar, wearing a Greene Turtle t, saying he’s from crabtown, asking about where to score a gram.  … Continue reading

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Knew It Was Over When Rain Gave ‘Em Col Hamels for Game 7

Phils win.  Bummer. But Tampa still beat Boston in the ALCS… which… to me… was all that mattered. Swear Hamels is the lefty Jim Palmer–balk-each-time-to-first-base and all. But congrats to Philadelphia.  Your city has earned it.  However, if Ryan Howards … Continue reading

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Google and the Eldred Act

First thing I thought of, here in sunny but chilly Texas, was that Google’s deal with the AAP, creating a copyright registry, sounds a little like Mr. Lessig‘s proposed Eldred Act.  So I checked Larry’s site to see if he … Continue reading

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But I Thought Fictionwise Had Won The Ebook War

Actual quote, from a man who’d earlier claimed Amazon was on the run from Ereader:  We are a tiny company up against billion dollar competitors who are spending tens millions is advertising. We are succeeding against them by trying to … Continue reading

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Oprah’s Kindle

Years ago, she had a Rocket eBook–after Gemstar bought the company.  Gave the item a real boost, and a great many ebay sellers had”Oprah likes ebooks” on their CDs.  Not me, the one from New Zealand.  Gemstar blew it with … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Weird Kindle Numbers… Get Weirder

Now it’s 10% of units sold through Amazon, are also sold as Kindle titles.  And Kindle books doubled.  And the quarter sucked, while Christmas looks horrible.  ‘Bout what you expect in this times, but Mr. Market no likee Amazon, or … Continue reading

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OK, I was catching some lame FUD about epub from Munsey’s.  Forget who–you know, the youngish one in the city with a dead-end job and no girlfriend, possibly the same guy who trumpets his own lack of sophistication in matters … Continue reading

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The Lotus Ebook

Webmaster says: I went to Borders today.  Saw a display for the Sony Reader.  There was an updated sign shouting “Reader Revolution.”  There was no Sony Reader. I asked the sales clerk: “Where is the Sony Reader?” She answered: “There … Continue reading

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Nation Overthrown!

True story, opening day this year, watching the Rays and O’s, I told my dad Tampa was gonna take either the division or the wildcard.  My only doubts going in concerned Carlos Pena, but even though the Rays’ star wasn’t … Continue reading

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