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Now There’s Ebay Hype?

OK, err, in places where The Memory Hole is not so much an Orwellian failing as a journalistic imperative, I’m now seeing radical price points for the Kindle resale market.  Certainly, those enthusiastic “reports” cover for missing the story so … Continue reading

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Ya Know Kindle’s Gone Mainstream When

Actual submission by an actual totalfarker: Subby has been planning on buying wife the Amazon Kindle for Christmas. Dumbmitter held out for potential black Friday sale. Amazon now shows they are sold out and orders will not ship for 13 … Continue reading

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That Didn’t Used to Be a Problem

Fixed the issue with “.”s in tags not showing any results.  The old fashioned way. Need to tweak the “foreign characters” as well, but that can wait until a few more things are done…

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Happy Turkey Day, Y’all

Off to Baltimore in a bit.

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Ed Lacy (Len Zinberg), 1911-1968

Nice page at Mystery file, discussing his background and heart ailments.  With a bibliography.

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Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Neelan

Results from the IDPF Election: Winner is some guy from Cengage (formerly Thomson Learning… that’s like a big company.)

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Robert Leslie Bellem: 1898?-1968

Nice little bibliography for the Dan Turner author.  By no means is the list comprehensive, but a great place to start from. Stories aren’t exactly chronological, but what does that matter?

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Holiday Book Schedule!

We may also be getting some of that other stuff I thought would come earlier.  Early betas look promising for additional LT data ‘n covers.

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Last of the David Carrolls

I don’t care whether you people like it or not.  I finally have a book to bring with me to South Carolina.  And that’s really all that matters. Fairly good, actually, for a mystery of its period.  Whatever his faults, … Continue reading

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George F. Worts: 1892-1967

Nice bibliography here.

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