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On the Plus Side, BoB’s Epub Titles Are Only Down 8% After Hachette

New total is 3489.  This is on top of Overdrive’s triumphant announcement of “thousands” of .epub books available for download at the Cleveland Public Library! Now, let’s assume, based on a certain lag from Mobi titles, Amazon never again adds … Continue reading

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So, Do We Have To Alter The Fictionwise Wikipedia Spam Now?

Better way to phrase the Hachette Situation: Best-Selling Ebook publisher on the planet now device-specific. I know the foreign-rights excuse is offered.  Also… there was something else weird with Overdrive earlier this week. Umm, just a guess… there’s a little … Continue reading

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Just for the Record

When actually going to New York instead of wussing out ‘cuz of insane weather, I either drive the secret way through Pennsylvania, or take the bus. Don’t talk to me about trains, it’s $45 roundtrip from Rockville to NY*.  Besides, … Continue reading

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Fine, I’m Not Going to NY Today

Geesh.  Stay warm, people. Maybe next month.

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I Wish I Could Get Reviews Pulled That Fast

As a follow-up, Dorchester is announcing an expanded partnership with Austin, TX-based LibreDigital, which includes Hard Case Crime.  So we know who to blame! The second review, a one-starred thing relating exclusively to format of Charles’ book. has been pulled, … Continue reading

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I Assume These Are Related

Sorry for the XML errors on detail pages.  LibraryThing is up, currently, but CommonKnowledge gives this message: Data browsing has been temporarily disabled. A new, more interactive version will return soon. So… soon.

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A Hard Case of Formatting

I just emailed Charles Ardai about Kindle books and other stuff.  Hard Case has been ebooking since April, but there’ve been some issues with layouts in the Kindle Store.  That’s not on HCC.  Their distributor, Dorchester, is the one who … Continue reading

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There’s Another Ed

Originally titled “Be Careful How You Live,” but the cover for that one was generic.  If it makes anyone feel better, I keep typing its title as “Be Careful How You Life”–so the trend of mussed Lacy titles remains unbroken. … Continue reading

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Heck, They Didn’t Publish Naked Lunch ’til ’62

Richard Seaver has died.  He was a publishing pioneer.  He did “fight” for Beckett. However, I can’t believe that none of the coverage of such books as Naked Lunch mentions just when, where, and at whose hands much of Grove’s … Continue reading

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Whoa-ho, Nellie: 3751 Epub Books at Booksonboard

Yep, 3.75k.  That’s the number of DRM-provided Adobe Mobile files available for sale at Booksonboard, presumably via Overdrive. Well, with more than half of Waterstone’s inventory available stateside, let’s give up a big ol’ Mission Accomplished. Clearly this format, and … Continue reading

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