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If App Store Formatting for Hire Doesn’t Work Out, They Could Always Sell an IRC Client as an Add-on to Stanza

I hope this is just quoted PR.  But Tech.Blorge, a ranking (in google news search) Ipod/touch/phone blog has this analysis of reading on the Iphone, with words from the gang at BoB and Lexcycle. Gent’s talking about what a hard … Continue reading

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My Brother Wussed Out

He didn’t show up for another bowling beat-down at the hands of my nephew.  Mom stayed close, but didn’t bowl.  Niece seems to enjoy it if you move your cupped hand up and down in waves, like a friendly serpent … Continue reading

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The Only Fashion Tip I’ll Ever Give

No matter how clever it is, or how much attention it attracts, don’t wear your black “665: The Neighbor of the Beast” t-shirt under a sweater on Sunday, if you’re going to be spending that Sunday bowling with nuns. I’ve … Continue reading

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Pulpfest, successor in all things to Pulpcon, just announced their guest of honor will be the legendary Otto Penzler, award-winning publisher, writer, store owner. OK, they announced that Valentine’s Day, but I really don’t keep up on these matters.  Anyway, … Continue reading

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I Thought Fictionwise Was the One With One-Click Access Via Stanza

Maybe they’re tomorrow.  Currently BoB has playground blagging rights with their claim of a somewhat successful imitation of Amazon’s 14-month-old-out-of-the-box-and-buy-with-Kindle model, after a download of Stanza, from the Ipod App store, on your Iphone, or Ipod Touch (if wifi is … Continue reading

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Oh, Ain’t This Appropriate

I’d wanted to say something about the maybe 4k titles now available thanks to the hacking of .epub.  But the format is such a commercial failure it’s hard to see why anyone would care. However:

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An Open Letter to Tech Journalists

‘Cuz mobi’s uploading slow, and I don’t have time to post this everywhere: To Sir/Madam: I understand that ebooks aren’t your regular niche.  However, when doing articles about publishing, it’s a good idea to talk to, you know, actual publishers. … Continue reading

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Somebody Tell FictionEreaderWiseMind, Opening Up Your API Leads to a Dramatic Increase in Content For Your Format

OK, Disks one-four are now uploaded, with fully justified text and the new Munsey cover on adobe mobile and .lrfs.  I like the new Munsey gal, though fully apart from her shocking for 1897 deshabille, she does remind me of … Continue reading

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Uploading More Adobe Mobiles

Disk 2-4 are done, diskone coming now.  Diskfive next. Please, read normally.

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TOC Ass-rapers: A Semi-Primer

Now, it goes without saying that folks who exhibit at a conference charging 1.5k a head are out for your money.  So, this is an occasional series.  But a special place in hell is reserved for: Assclowns charging $99 a … Continue reading

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