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Twitter Gasps, Lexcycle Quiet–Stanza: The Missing Timeline

We’ll never know all the details, and it could just be that part of the Lexcycle team was coming off sabbatical from other jobs, and part of it maybe wanted to go forward working with the top player in ebooks.  … Continue reading

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Actually, Neelan told Me He Was at the London Book Fair

I guess that’s where the sale was talked about. /Maybe I should go sometime…

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And Nothing Against Lexcyle

To go from a summer of code to a payday makes tons o’ sense.  They had obvious difficulties monetizing the platform in any notable way but shook up the market, obviously. Affiliate sales through Fictionwise/BoB/ et al weren’t going to … Continue reading

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OK, Who’s Left Now?

BooksonBoard is indie, though mostly a conduit so Overdrive.  Fictionwise is owned, with Palm. Ingram/LSI is around.  I had some good experiences with aggregator All-Romance Ebooks for a couple Olympia titles that sorta fit–well, at least one title.  Ish. Maybe … Continue reading

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Where’d That Come From?

Amazon Acquires Stanza. Holy  sh**t. Maybe they wanted a better App experience on mobile devices, or a quicker App experience, or something. Zowie!

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I’ll Say This:

The Ravens are leading the pack in sportswriting-Pulitzer-ready picks.My god.  That‘s a tough LB. Unfortunately, the Sun’ll probably be online-only by the end of the year. Aside, I’m enjoying the Michael Lewis book more than I thought I would. The … Continue reading

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How’s This For Cool?

Michael Hemmingson, a Blue Moon stalwart, just heard his short documentary will be screening at Cannes next week.  It’s free here. He’s also been writing books for Disruptive.  Some of his titles are literary.  And others, hey, we support the … Continue reading

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Batch is Back!

Yay!  Sometimes, it corrects me, at least with tags found…. There’s 40000 tags generated, most of them quite appropriate. //Might be more data sources soon.  Waiting and seeing before I contract for anything…

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You Know, Apart from Michael Lewis

Sports books selection in the Kindle store kinda sucks.  But that was $8 well-spent. Purple and Black FTW, Baby!

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So, Who’s To Blame?

Though busy of late, I’ve noticed that, in a week where Star Trek comics kicked the only epub book out of the top 10 at Apple’s App Store, where Readius ran out of dough, where Fictionwise lost some indie cred … Continue reading

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