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Smashwords Hits Kindleverse, Tiering Ensues

So Smashwords, they of the 42.5% royalty, has just entered the Kindle Store.  This isn’t quite the game-changer you’d think.  Now, don’t get me wrong, clearly, the Smashwords deal was designed to steal yet more of the Nook/Sony thunder.  And, … Continue reading

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Oops, Table Munsey Marked As “Crashed”

Too much demand there, brought down a lot of the site. Now you know why we haven’t pulled back the “Download Here” into search results and other listings just yet… I know people want them.  Me too, especially for when … Continue reading

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Way to Go, Smashwords!

Smashwords just got a deal to supply the Kindle store at a better rate for indie authors.  The number is most impressive, 44.5%, and reflects, I guess, Smashwords’ better vetting and production values.  That % is better than the 35% … Continue reading

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The Ebook Conference Bubble Shall Soon Burst!

I am not making this crap up: In this exclusive, weeklong, all-workshop cruise, only 30 attendees will have the opportunity to learn everything they need to succeed with self-publishing, author platform, podcasting and social media from these experts: April L. … Continue reading

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Sony ADE Still Doesn’t Justify Text!

In 2009. Some meh pictures of epub files from me and Hadrien. Sorry for camera quality, my hands were shaking with wrath. If you haven’t followed my every move on Twitter, I took advantage of the trade-in offer on a … Continue reading

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Download Stats From External Catalogs

Oh, somebody was wondering about this one.  Because of the new mobile era, there isn’t as much direct downloading of books from the site.  Maybe 150, 200k.  Thanks to nightly XML updates I am, however, in catalogs from Stanza, FBReader, … Continue reading

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Next to Last Chase

Caught lightning in a bottle with No Orchids for Miss Blandish, which I think I scanned in ’07.  We  printed it over July 4th weekend when Goodloe was looking for stuff to do. Also have a cool cover for the … Continue reading

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Magic B&N PR Quote on Nook Delays

I’ve had vague feelings about BN since the CEO spent $600 mil. of the company’s money to buy a chain of bookstores from… himself.  Nothing I could put my finger on, yet… hmm.  But, WSJ says it: Ms. Keating said … Continue reading

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Lulu’s Labors Lost?

So, I saw the bit about Lulu “partnering” with Ingram to “sell mainstream books” in addition to Lulu’s self- and micropress offerings on I think ireaderreview, and it’s been bugging me for a couple of days. See, if you’re adding … Continue reading

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Oh, and–I’m Back!

Booked a table for Author at the Nola Book Fair.  He’ll be reading as well. I’ll be in Maryland Sat., ‘cuz my mom, wife, sister and niece are having a big joint B-Day party Friday, and Scorpios can be mean … Continue reading

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