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Apparently, Kindle’s Topaz Format Is Not Epub

Hmm, that’s the latest revelation from the Great DarkReverser (via MobileRead), who with his hunchbacked assistant and the wonder that is Python stitched together a series of DRM-stripping hacks to the other Kindle ebook format. Some folks have tested it … Continue reading

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Answering The Kindle Challenge With Actual Numbers

You know, I bet nothing’s more annoying or dubious than publishers citing vague percentages about sales growth.  And, the Amazon Kindle best-seller list, with all the free downloads, just screams fake. Part of the problem is publishers are notoriously coy … Continue reading

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More TSA Fun

I’m weeping for Angela James now that the latest transit debacle means, once again, that passengers who succeed in stopping terrorist threats will be disciplined by TSA bureaucrats who demonstrably don’t. I had a great display of security theater recently.  … Continue reading

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Pic of the Google Editions Uploader in Action

Merry Christmas, everybody. I gotta go find Tiramisu.

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Holy Crap, Google Edition’s Uploader Finds ISBNs!

Not really planning to sell this one as an ebook anyway, but among my first test cases for the (slightly-different-from-LSI) Booksurge/CreateSpace specs of a few summers ago was The Argus Pheasant. You’ll note an extremely low-pressure sales pitch in the … Continue reading

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This Should Take Care of Things

Mailserver Configuration All protocols disabled, Courier configration changes discarded! Shutting down mailserver Chksrvd monitoring is disabled Disabling mail server updates Halting Dovecot Disabling Dovecot in init system Halting Courier Disabling Courier in init system Reconfiguring EXIM for new mailserver Restarting … Continue reading

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I Avoid Real Work on Holidays

So, google just put together this new “Uploader” thing for their books program.  It’s a java app, of course.  And they want all your books with an ISBN attached.  And, um, all my.pdf files already have ISBNs–well, at least 500 … Continue reading

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A Note on Kobo

I know they’re gonna take over the world and everything, and they’ve got 1.8 million unreadable auto-OCR’d texts from the Archive, and they’ve completely abandoned their initial plan for viewing titles a chapter at a time, and… stuff.  But, even … Continue reading

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Heard Back From Google Editions

I’ve had a couple hundred titles with them for about five years, and will one day earn the $10 or whatever needed for them to pay me. Anyway, they’re going to let publishers (me) provide their own epub source files, … Continue reading

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No, I Will Not Pay $295 For This Kindle Analyst

He just isn’t funny enough.  Though, good to know that nobody else bothered refuting what this jackass said a few days ago, implying a certain lack of interest. But, here we go, via the SAI Insider, another from the Henry … Continue reading

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