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After Macmillan–yeah, Amazon Considers Apple a Threat

This is getting fun. I have no idea how long the spiel with Macmillan’s gonna last.  It’s of course ridiculous for a Macmillan division like Tor, given its online following, etc., to not be selling most of its ebooks direct … Continue reading

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New Site Is Live

On new server.  With… lots of newness.  New-wise. Even better, given the strength of this particular boxen, tell your friends, is live.  It’s as fast or faster than BlackMask ever was, with sorting and other goodnesses, and oh-so-speedy downloads, … Continue reading

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You’re Right, Mike Cane

Yes, yes you are right.  Apple is the One to Watch. Now, I still think Google is the real threat, and Apple ebooks won’t materialize quite as anticipated. But with this new 70% royalty option, announced by Amazon in the … Continue reading

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Kindle Sub-Distributors?

Amazon’s just updated its terms and conditions for the DTP store.  Short version: it just got a little harder to do some things, and they are set to crack down further on infringement in the DTP zone, having first cleansed … Continue reading

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You’ll Have to Wait for Alraune

Hey, it ain’t my fault.  Gentleman by the name of Joe Bandel has published an original translation of the work.  This includes certain portions excised from the 1929 edition by Guy Endore, and the Mahlon Blaine illustrations. He’s got an … Continue reading

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The Thunder, It Stolen

I know there were a ton of ebook devices “announced” at the CES show.  But, while I’d love to see Pixel Qi succeed, second-tier E-ink licenses are so last-decade. Kindle DX International is coming Jan. 19th.   For those who … Continue reading

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Hmm, Among the Missing Are

So, John Clifford, the original contact between Amazon’s Booksurge, now CreateSpace Enterprise, and LSI publishers, who per the plaintiff was a big part of why Booklocker sued, appears to have moved on. I think the biggest thing we can take … Continue reading

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Sorry, No New Pulps This Week

Still a little behind on my scanning and other things. The mobile site is now live and with nice sorting, next step is to migrate the server again, probably start that process tomorrow, depending where I am with a last … Continue reading

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