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Somebody I Know Is Writing a Screenplay

So, let’s wait for his preface to Orrie Hitt’s novel.

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October-November Books are Back

I’m digging around to see if there’s some way I can’t find the description text.  If not, next time I scan, I’ll go in and add descriptions to the pulp fiction (sorting by newest.). Really, I did a lot of … Continue reading

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Oops, Lost a Month There on Munsey’s

Sorry gang, hadn’t realized.  All the books from Oct. 27th to Nov. 23th just sort of vanished from the site.  I remember there was a database crash, and then a couple days later a DNS thing, and then, you know, … Continue reading

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Perseus Ipad Deal Is Bigger Than You Think

The Perseus Book Group deal with Apple is extraordinary.   Bet on most publishers distributed by Perseus opting in.  Stunning. Amazon in the past year has laughingly blown away ebook pioneers like Sony and Overdrive.  Jeff and Co. watched as Borders … Continue reading

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Not Sure What’s Happening With Reviews

I’ll ask.

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New Ipad Ebook Store Already Shows More Book Insight Than Amazon

Something really interesting to take away from the Forbes story about Apple’s new Ipad store.  It’s a little subtle, but bear with: There are also two sections for “Erotica” books; one under “Fiction & Literature” and one under “Romance.” The … Continue reading

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There Really Is Nothing New Under the Sun

Just ‘cuz I haven’t outnerded anybody else in a while: All right, that dude who wrote the book about Abe Lincoln killing vampires? His first book was about Jane Austen and zombies. Jane Austen’s first published book, Northanger Abbey was … Continue reading

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