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Last Day in China

Just gonna go hit The Bund and Nanjing Lo today.  Be back late tomorrow.  Well, OK, tomorrow evening./International Dateline.

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Aha! Itunes Transporter Updated

This… might just do the trick.  When I get back… Hi again from Lijiang, off to leap after tigers. 

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Know that Feeling You Get

When you’re in a Chinese city, and there’s no wifi, so you’re forced to update from a PC in the business center–but the business center’s like I.E. only, and it also has some kind of weird “download controller” thing that’s … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Books Are A little Early

At least your time.  It’s 11:30 a.m. in China.  Got a flight to Lijiang, via Kunming in a couple hours.  And while I’m sure there are places to use Internet in Lijiang, there are other, more social activities as well. … Continue reading

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Know What’s Cooler Than Getting into Email Again?

Not much, actually. On the downside, here by the New World Center in Shanghai, it’s not only raining, but there are too many damn Laowei’s in suits. Like, I should talk to them about the extraordinary increase in value of … Continue reading

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From the Xujiahui Electronics Market

There may be pictures, some day. Wife’s tired, so I just hit Xujiahui–the big Shanghai electronics market.  Well, not that big.  Akhiharbara in Tokyo is a teensy bit bigger, filled to the brim with 3rd-shift factory product, and I’ve heard good … Continue reading

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Since I’m sure Everyone Cares

You can SSH through the Great Firewall of China.  So, just missing one little email password, but otherwise I’m good to go.You people will just have to wait for twitter updates, though.

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So I’m in China

There was no wifi on the plane (lying bastards at Delta), can’t seem to open up a shell account or log into one of my more important email addresses.  Also, no facebook or twitter at the moment. On the plus … Continue reading

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Disagreeing With $149 as a Magic Number

Reading about the Nook’s sorta impressive price-drop, there’s speculation that $149 is the magic price point. While I absolutely agree with Guy that Sony/Kobo/Irex–oops, sorry/Whatever-the-hell-Borders-is-selling are even toastier than before, I don’t think $149 is that magic number. As a … Continue reading

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Callaghan Would Be The Rare One for This Year

Miss Callaghan is the book that Chase and his publisher both had to pay a fine for in 1942.  Ignoring what the ruling mentions, I tend to think it was one little scene near the end of Part One that … Continue reading

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