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Itunes Producer 2.1.2 Released!

Some fixes, some things for faster import of content for the big firms.  Apple deserves much credit for jumping on the issues, particularly given Epubcheck 1.0.5 only certifies (in the words of Dr. Kovid Goyal, Ph.D., CalTech) that a banyan … Continue reading

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OK, Ebook Sales Are Down 3% in April

… make that, self-reported ebook sales.  And… that’s a month when the Agency 5 vanished from the Kindle store (and everywhere else) for a while… returning with higher prices… and Apple couldn’t meet demand for the iPad… and some Kindle … Continue reading

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Kindle Update Achieved!

OK, I like the faster page turns.  I suppose I could do something with the folders thing, but, really, I only read from the first 10 books. Social Networking integration is completely moronic.  I mean, they don’t even ask you to … Continue reading

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Ahh, Ebook Hubris

Somebody sent this link to a tweet by Hadrien, founder of Feedbooks. We’ve had more downloads than Project Gutenberg for the last 6 months. Can we claim the title of “most popular website for public domain” ? The short answer … Continue reading

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Guess I Should Mention

I’m heading to China on the 22nd.  Shanghai, for the Expo, and then either Hangzhou (heaven) or else, umm, somewhere in Yunnan Province–wo bu zhidao. There may be some Silk-related announcements afterward, we’ll see.

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One Thought About Why Stanza-for-iPad Happened

Sitting here, noticing the usual surge in Stanza-related downloads whenever a new version is released, one thing I guess nobody’s pointed out about why Amazon (acquirer of Stanza-maker Lexcycle) allowed Stanza-for-iPad to be released, when the Stanza platform appeared to … Continue reading

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Two Business Days for Approval at the Ibookstore

It’s Wednesday, and I put that gorgeous little Froggy into the Itunes Bookstore Saturday afternoon.  But let’s remember, Monday was a holiday. Like the Metadata. Love the frog. More’s to come!  

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Err, Apple’s New Ibookstore Channel Doesn’t Hurt Publishers

No, really. This thing doesn’t touch Random House or Penguin or S&S. There aren’t that many name authors ready to sell their own ebooks. Yet. Further, self-publishers are really being sent, by Apple, to Approved Aggregators, some of whom still … Continue reading

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