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And I Am Home

Unlike 100,000 or so other lucky Pepco customers, we have our power back on, so Dusty can stay in her house again. Fun.

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If I miss today it ain’t my fault

stupid power outage… no electric since Sunday afternoon. May not have it ’til tomorrow.

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Wylie Passes the Most Important Test

Just downloaded Junky. Unlike a lot of ebooks from major publishers (cough, Macmillan, cough), the title is readable and free of errors. Also, the footnotes work. Not sure whether e-rights to a forward+notes attach to Junky, but… this is Wylie … Continue reading

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Applebaum: We Am Disappoint in Wylie

From Publisher’s Marketplace: “We are disappointed by Mr. Wylie’s actions, which we dispute. Last night, we sent a letter to Amazon disputing their rights to legally sell these titles, which are subject to active Random House publishing agreements. Upon assessing … Continue reading

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Amazon Speculation

Based on nothing, save a gut feeling–if you look at all the p.r. this quarter–much of it happening before the earnings release… you have to think, they blew q2. Maybe even a big miss. My theory, foreign sales (half of … Continue reading

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This, my friends is payback for the Agency Model

Wow, Wylie just went live with exclusive editions in the Kindle store–nobody special, Nabokov, Burroughs, Normal Mailer, Naipaul–dweebs like that. Don’t worry, it’s only exclusive to Kindle for the first year or two. Teh Gauntlet, she thrown down.

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Remembering Henryk Sienkewicz

Geeze, forgot about him. I think I finished Vol. I of The Deluge early in 2008, then maybe had a PC crash or something, leaving Vol. II uncompleted. Part of the reason for stopping was ‘cuz I thought PG was … Continue reading

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Testing a WP Upgrade

From like 2.3.

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Sorry, uploaded yesterday’s books twice. ¬†Fixed now

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