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Pages Please

Apple, with its new “epub” export feature in word processing software Pages, just sent a shot across Amazon’s bow. Y’all may have heard, there’s a bit of a bottleneck for publishers getting their titles into the Ibookstore. I’m still in … Continue reading

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Sort of Brain Dead

Working on a bunch of books for Silk Pagoda and the fall festival season. Hope everyone’s doing well… … and has power.

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Personally, I Just Order a Large Coffee

Had to look up Dr. Lynne Rosenthal, the lady who freaked out at Starbucks over bad grammar. My first thought: non-tenure track, typical retail clerk earns more, turns out not to be the case. The woman in question, while not … Continue reading

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Lengthy James Ellroy Post Omitted

If you’ve seen L.A. Confidential, you’ll recognize a lot of the source material in Webb’s The Badge. I was going to do a post detailing it all, but, actually, Ellroy wrote the preface for a De Capo press reissue of … Continue reading

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