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PubIt! Three Weeks In

I was told I must give an update. Here are my experiences w/ PubIt! so far. Interface: PubIt has by far the best interface for small and self-publishers. Everything is on one page. You can sort by author, which Amazon, … Continue reading

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A Case That Might Have Interested Me More Once

The team behind Golan v. Holder (previously referred to, at least a few times as a “Son of Eldred,” like Kahle v. Ashcroft) is now petitioning for cert at the Supreme Court. If you ain’t familiar, the last time the … Continue reading

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Got My PubIt Invite

Signed up with PubIt from B&N. And given upcoming travel to Nashville, Lexington, Austin, maybe Tampa, I’m sitting here scanning books for the next couple weeks at another site, so I had time to put a few titles into the … Continue reading

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