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Oops, New PC went Crashy

Having to update a little macro in the Mobi/Epub generating script. This may take a while. And involve me in a bar… Ick. (Probably have a backup somewhere, but have needed to rewrite that script for a while now.

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First Google Books Sales #s In

Hokay, Google’s bookstore, launched Dec. 8th or so, is now giving sales stats. Results are promising, at least v. B&N or Kobo, less per title than Apple, but still a good start. Some portions, like the “sold through retailers” thing, … Continue reading

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The Polk County Sheriff Will Tell You What to Read, Citizen

And now we know the rest of the story. Given the ridiculous arrest in Colorado today of a man who wrote a book, the spontaneous, sui generis removal of many titles from Amazon’s Kindle store, along with, well, me from … Continue reading

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Ebook Deletions More Broad-based Than You Think

Now that Amazon’s title deletions have finally made the news, guess I should say something. Umm, it isn’t just Kindle, and it actually started Tuesday of last week at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I was in NY at … Continue reading

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