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OK, Heading Back tomorrow

Normal updates should start by 2014, or else Jacki’s 18th B-Day. Maybe earlier

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Amazon Reallows Previously-Banned Pulps

Oh, seriously, whatever. Like I have time for their garbage anymore. But, now you can score Dan Marlowe and some Asian lit works again…

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Back in Shanghai

Apparently, the Gmail issue is a recent thing.

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How Google Can Pay Amazon Back for the Android App Store

Sure y’all have heard, Amazon in its war with Google is about to launch its own App store for Android devices. ┬áThis would appear to be short-sighted: partly because, err, Google’s store is already installed on most phones; partly because … Continue reading

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So, This Is My Daughter

That’d be Jia Xi. Or Jacki, to those of us born on the East Side of the Pacific. It took a little while for us to link up with her. A year and a day, just about. She likes her … Continue reading

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The Coffee Bean Has the Best Wifi in Shanghai

They were formerly known as “Gloria Jean’s Coffee Bean”–I remember them from Maryland, like 20 years ago. Same company, pretty sure, though it might be the way 7-11 is owned by Ito Yokado in Japan now*. For today’s weird story: … Continue reading

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Not Sure What Day It Is

Had the flight from hell, but, anyway, here’s some books. From People’s Square, stealing free Internet from the Radisson… Just took a picture of the hotel. But y’all’ll have to imagine the face of the dude who’s trying to sell … Continue reading

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Has Apple Already Beaten Kindle?

Without even bringing their A game? Big news is that Random House is going Agency, ahead of the rumored iPad 2 launch (Wednesday.) This is on top of news that companies like Pearson (Penguin’s parent) are really kicking it with … Continue reading

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