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Taking an SF Break

so I can remember how to categorize them. Pulps to resume Tues.

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normal updates to resume Sat.

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Definitely, definitely British

There was some speculation whether “Dana Chambers”–pseudonym for Alfred Leffingwell–was an American or not.  Working through the first Jim Steele book here, I can say, with certainty, ‘e was a Limey.  There are a couple passages in the hardcover edition–Connecticut … Continue reading

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Verizon Told Me FiOS Would Be Out

… until Thursday. Updating Munsey’s and Olympia from a bar. /Business expense.

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If Adam Nevill Wrote Westerns in 1952

I’m sorry, man.  I know Frank Castle’s got praise in certain circles, but Move Along Stranger had more descriptions of corsets and hug-me-tights and whatnot than I expected in an early ’50s work.  Odd. Plot, otherwise, was pretty good, though. … Continue reading

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Err, some things weird happening on LOC source XML.

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