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Written in Acid

“Here’s the most important crime novelty in a month of Sundays, so different in approach and execution from the standard brands as to take first place in any list of current offerings. To come right out with the talking points, … Continue reading

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AKA Too Like The Dead

When Jim Steele woke up that morning, there was a lovely blonde head that he couldn’t remember, resting on the pillow beside him. Huddled in the adjoining bathroom was a corpse he remembered only too well–for he had snapped the … Continue reading

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Not Considered His Best

Actually, not even mentioned on his Clifton Adams’ LibraryThing Page.  Having a hard time getting an exact bibliography, but The Colonel’s Lady was first published in 1952.  Post Civil War action, Injuns as the villains, umm, romance kinda… Enjoy!

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She Grows on You

Vaguely, this book reminds me a little of Detour.  At least towards the third act. But I confess, I’m tweaking the way I proof books a little bit, so I wanted to do something really, really hard.  Ace Double fits … Continue reading

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Apple Revamps iBookstore Interface for Publishers

The changes are subtle.  In the old days, if an iBookstore epub wasn’t approved, Apple had an angry red dot, and “unavailable for sale.”   This, sadly, was all that Apple told you. Now, you get the same red dot. … Continue reading

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