Amazon Speculation

Based on nothing, save a gut feeling–if you look at all the p.r. this quarter–much of it happening before the earnings release… you have to think, they blew q2. Maybe even a big miss.

My theory, foreign sales (half of Amazon’s biz is international, though very little of that is Kindle), were way below expectations.

Just a guess. This behavior is pretty strange, though.

/No position.

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  • DMcCunney

    Amazon shares are off 13% in after hours trading. Revenues are up 41% to 6.6 billion over a year ago, and profit is up 45% to $207 million, but analysts were hoping for better and are concerned about teh company’;s competitive position.

    Some of the hype may have been trying to deflect attention from the Apple iPad, which threatens dedicated readers like the Kindle, and Amazon’s ebook business because there’s no Kindle app for the iPad.