PubIt! Three Weeks In

I was told I must give an update. Here are my experiences w/ PubIt! so far.


PubIt has by far the best interface for small and self-publishers. Everything is on one page. You can sort by author, which Amazon, after three years, still won’t let you do. The first 50 titles that I put in (while scanning other stuff), ended up on B&N’s site within a few days.


I’m just uploading Calibre-generated epubs. The “preview” feature in PubIt isn’t working, but the files are uploading, and usually hitting B&N’s site w/in a couple of hours. Dunno how they look but…


The most important part. I know some other folks are saying Kindle’s outselling Apple everyone else by a factor of 20-1 for them. Now, Kindle’s still outselling PubIt for me, and I’ve only had my titles at B&N for around 3 weeks, but for titles offered both places, the figure isn’t 20-1. It’s more like 6-4. That’s better than anyone save Apple (a few of my books in the Apple store outsell Kindle 3-1. Long story).

Some caveats, I’ve got over 900 titles in the Kindle store, versus the 50 I put into PubIt before hitting the road earlier this month. Also, even my “top-sellers” will only do, say, 200 copies a month in Kindle, with a (very) few going higher than 500. Obviously some people do a lot more in Kindle. My results are not necessarily typical, and may stem from a dominant position in a particular niche as much as anything.

But, despite my doubts about B&N as a company, given a 65% share of each title from them, and a body of self-publishers who will see to it payments are made in a timely fashion, I’m pretty happy with Nook, like the idea, at least, of NookColor, and will be putting a more into their system later this week, next time I’m scanning.

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