For the Record

It was literally three years ago that I first mentioned to someone that letting an epub file contain any old thing (applications, etc.)–in addition to text, videos and images–was probably a really bad idea.

Epubcheck 1.1 finally fixes this, or at least checks all extant files against what’s in the manifest. So maybe Adobe DE will look for that problem… by 2013 or whatever.

If you’re curious, it was Apple, and that company’s own experiences with their implementation of epub, which got the ball rolling.

/Further, while my own experiences with Apple’s Ibookstore have been… somewhat unusual, I do reiterate that I am profitable on the venture, see my sales growing through them, and hope to have my first title approved under the new specs in the coming weeks.

//Also happy with PubIt, whose parent just made good on some Fictionwise moneys owed this evening. We might even be current now. I stopped caring.

///And then Kobo… let me know… that they sold a few.

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