They Are Kinda Similar, Plus I Am on a Boat

Both stories about a guy who becomes a chauffeur. One, the Heyward, he’s fleeing a job at Cal-something. The other, from N.R. de Mexico, guy’s washed out on general aviation. Sort of a warning, the N.R. de Mexico guy is semi-famous for having written (along with Henry Miller, Anais Nin and others) pr0n at $1 a day for an Oklahoma oil millionaire, who had certain needs. de Mexico also wrote Marijuana Girl for the same “Intimate Novels” gang, and even with the 1dollarscan guys helping me out, their texts are a major pain to proofread. Not a lot of smut in this one, it was the ’50s, but clearly the author’s aiming for a market beyond straight noir.

Anyway, I’m on a cruise, currently stopped at Space Coast, FL, so not gonna sort out what’s going on with adding descriptions, save to place ‘em here. They were too long anyway. Enjoy, and more pulps soon as I get back, there were several I just got a notice about.


Dear Reader:
I’m thirty-four. I’m a college professor. I was fired because a girl was found in my room. Honest, she was only taking a shower. She had a million dollars and she waved them under my nose — all this and the lady, too. But I wouldn’t be bought, so I got out pronto.
I found a job as bodyguard to a rich old refugee who was in deadly fear of being murdered.
His young wife was a gal who would never let a man’s blood cool. Then his adopted daughter decided I was her meat, too.
What a spot for one guy to be in. Envy me? Don’t.
When the old man did get bumped off, who was the fall guy they tried to pin it on? Me, of course.
What could I do? What would you have done? Let me know, won’t you?

and Private Chauffeur:

WHY stop at meeting the man in a hotel, Dolores Carter asked herself. Why not bring him home as your chauffeur?
It was easy enough to make the arrangements. Her money let her do as she pleased. It had destroyed her husband’s medical career—Forced upon him an unwilling mistress—turned him into a man who inflicted pain for the joy of it—made of his daughter a love-hungry adventuress. But this was the last straw, the final act of emasculation Dolores had contrived for him….
On these pages are laid bare, as by a keen, cold scalpel, the minds of people caught up in an emotional tornado. Tearing, away the masks by which they conceal their dark deeds even from themselves, the author exposes the subtle ties which bind innocence to guilt, good to evil… and three unhappy women.
N.R. de Mexico’s last novel, Marijuana Girl, probed the strange passions which make for drug addiction. Here he creates an even more profound and stirring book, relentlessly coming to grips with inadvertent vice and creeping evil!

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