Call Me Incentivized

So yeah, during our five-day Pepco-imposed hiatus, I made a fascinating discovery about Jacki.

We were at the Wawa next to Bethany Beach, stopping to grab a juice for her, and a couple of energy drinks for me (I had her all day, every day, during our “vacation”). Jacki, being 2, asked for “pink, pink”–this kind of sugary 10% thing that she wouldn’t have liked, so I steered her to apple.

Then, she said something really funny–”Monster, Dadda, Monster”–and I looked around, thinking there was some kind of stuffed critter rack I’d missed. No such stuffed critters at Wawa. I look again, and we are of course standing in front of the energy drink section of the refrigerator.

Does Not Think She's a Bunny

Now, backstory, right around Halloween, I got Jacki this little “enhanced” Elmo book at, you know, Target or Five Below or wherever.  Hate the thing, it had buttons she could push to play sounds for the fort being constructed, or pans clattering, or Elmo walking and pretending to be a mummy.  Jacki loved it, and would make me read it five times in a row.  One word used, repeatedly in this book was, of course, monster, and I did point it to her, but not in the context of an energy drink.

I slam that stuff almost every day, it’s less caffeine than coffee and the vitamins are theoretically good for me, but I hadn’t been buying Monster brand energy drinks for months, and if asked I identify all such beverages to her as “Dadda Coffee.”   Where I live, 7-11′s had Rockstar on sale, 2 for $3, for months, and they all kind of taste the same to me.  But Jacki, at 28 months, saw a printed word, recognized it for what it said.

All the “experts” told me she’d be small, delayed, and generally angry.  She’s actually very tall for her age by Western standards, happy, and, sometimes scarily advanced considering the first year of her life was spent in a Dickensian hell.

Whatevs, there will be more illustrated titles coming.  Also pulps, but especially illustrated works, seems like that’s a place I can add value.  Will be tweaking the layout over the next couple days, but I’ve got it to the point where I can add them quickly.

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  • DMcCunney

    “Whatevs, there will be more illustrated titles coming. Also pulps, but especially illustrated works, seems like that’s a place I can add value.”

    Nice to see this finally occuring, but thus far the download options all appear to be finished files in one of the popular ebooks formats (ePub, Mobi…) Any chance of zipped HTML?