That’s It for Fantomas

At least for a while.  Nothing else on Google/Archive, Live’s down, and I was too busy hanging with my niece and nephew to hit the bookstores.  Was an unlikely bet anyway.

Next author up is probably gonna be Arthur Morrison, looks like PG’s only doing Red Triangle.  Those are Archive books, which tend to be easier, so I may mix in a google text or two over the weeks just to keep myself sharp.

In honor of Dr. Drib actually raiding me again, I will state that one of my pulps in the Kindle Store is in fact selling, though not the W.T. Ballard. (Surprise).  Be adding 1-2  a week of those, many of them the ones that I’d been planning to put here after a rescan.  Make sure to thank him.

As an aside, though Charles Ardai did read at In the Flesh, don’t worry, it was just a selection from the naughtier portions of noir.  He’s not even gonna do Theodora Keogh.  Or Dan Marlowe…

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