And The Weakest Astroturfing Campaign In History Resumes

OK, their lead idiot was canned for reasons that’ll be fun to explore one day. Their market has been taken over by Amazon in all of three months. We’re still waiting on the Sony software revision. Ah, but what can Adobe do on their third try at ebook dominance (the last two resulting in exemptions to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act)? Make yet another website.

This one has tools. Well, at least InDesign. And articles. And pitches DigitalEditions, ‘cuz that’s what folks should design for. And the usual front-runners cheering on.

Amazon, of course, has exploding ebook sales and a CEO apologizing about underestimating demand for Kindle.


For the record I’ve told people already using InDesign and wanting to hit the Kindle store that OPS 2.0/EPUB and the free Mobi converter were the best way to go. When Quark gets a qxd2prc plugin, I’ll point ‘em that way, only real advice being never spend money to make an ebook, never cough up to a retailer, with subtext unless you’re hard-core academic, sell direct and never bother with anyone not named Amazon.

I dig the site, though, as, between it and Adobe VP McCoy’s “anecdotes” about joyful “Ebook Conversion Vendors” we’re finally getting closer to eradicating the myth that OPS 2.0, like OEBPS 1.0, was ever intended to be an end-user format… by folks like Mobipocket, Amazon or Ingram.

Hopefully, this is a prelude to the Sony software launch next week, ‘cuz if that site’s all Adobe has after three months of quiet, it’s beyond pathetic. Though good to see Bogaty building on his contact base. Man’s worth every penny.

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