Who’ll Save the Gas Stations?

So I drove for the first time in a couple weeks, and up in Frederick, MD, I noticed that two of five gas stations had closed, one boarded up, the other not open.  This was by a major intersection (near where I-270 meets I-70.).

It’s funny, if you’ve read The Fountainhead, one of the things that’s hard to understand was how Roark jump-started his architectural career through gas station design.  Back in the ’30s, a lot of effort was put into the construction of filling locales, and there were really some wonders.

But, after the oil shock and rationing of the ’70s, pretty much all the old stations closed/went out of business.  Last decade, I liked the way new stations popped up that were always cleaner and shinier than the old, sad to think a lot of these might shut down soon.

Luckily, one of the remaining stations at the intersection was a Sheetz, company that at least occasionally designs cool stations with a retro feel, but… sad.  And we’re talking maybe 30 jobs lost, just in one place.

/Sheetz charges too much for their fountain sodas, though… a large is $.30 cheaper at 7-11.

//Back to the green ones.

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