Amazon’s Making It Easier for the Mobi Denizens

New site, Vendor Central, now allowing folks to see their Mobi sales histories.  Not real-time yet, but they’re clearly working on it.  Been a few bugs.

Actually, between this, the “leaked” Kindle 2.0s, the new Video-on-Demand service, and other things, I do get the vibe that Amazon is prepping folks for an earnings miss next Wednesday.

It’s really not their fault.  As the online retailer, shippers of everything, Amazon last quarter had a Sichuan quake, $4 gas–and I know from personal experience in the wake of last month’s Midwestern floods I was being quoted $9.30 to UPS a 5-ounce paperback from New Jersey to Delaware (but free desk copies can only go UPS, otherwise the faculty will never get it and hate you!)

If it’s a major miss, you’ll probably see other announcements, like the additional rail-linked fulfillment warehouses closer to population centers to save on fuel, and, who knows?  Kindle numbers…

/No position, but my Kindle store sales are, ahem, up.
//And no matter how bad the quarter, Mr. Bezos will not have to give up his rocketship, and things should stabilize a bit by Christmas.

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