All Right, Y’all Can Have The Sargasso Manuscript

Everybody talks about the movie, but having finished the Penguin translation, what strikes me above all is the way folks like Busson, Meyrink and even Dumas himself were clearly inspired by Potocki’s novel (long publishing backstory to it).

Not to give it away, but everybody waking up under the gallows after–sure, that’s a man who was born again, on the battlefield or in the Jewish ghetto, but ya find Potocki in the Monte Cristo scene where Dantes shares Hashish and the statue comes to life.

… Potocki’s book was published in French.

… and Daedalus I think reprinted the Avon translation.

But just for y’all, it’s a missing link of sorts.  Can’t not have it.  The Dorks and Dribs of the world wouldn’t understand anyway, but they can cut and paste to narrow acclaim.

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