Damn, Iris Owens Died

Wrote a book, Apres Claude, to a measure of acclaim in the early ’70s.  She was better known as Harriet Daimler, one of the original Olympia authors, and the only Merlinois Girodias ever asked to “tone it down.” (The lady had a delightfully brutal, caustic wit, in one book referring to the drab bourgeoisie of France as “low birth rates.”)

One of the most beautiful women in Paris in the ’50s, she was a gal that every guy, 30 years later, claims to have been with.  (She admitted a liaison with Alex Trocchi.)  Later said to have worked as a professional poker player (this from an another Olympian.)

the journal, in Brooklyn, will be doing a retrospective on her.  Just sent ‘em some covers.

There was a legacy page set up as well.

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  • carolyn k balleisen

    Iris and I were classmates at Lafayette high school,along with Maurice Sendak and Vic Damon.( Sadly Lafayette has been demolished ) .She was a mentor to me and i admired her caustic and sarcastic wit, I was planing to go to Brooklyn College but she persuaded me to apply to Barnard. Not knowing whether or not I would be accepted I started Brooklyn College since i graduated high school in January and Barnard didn’t start until September. I was however accepted at Barnard and did start the following September I finished Barnard and then went on to Columbia Law School which I graduated at age twenty-two, and now at the age of eighty I am writing my own memoirs, having had an interesting career. From time to time I try to resume contact with iris sadly list last effort is greeted by her obituary,i would love to hear from anyone who could contribute to my memoirs.

  • http://www.munseys.com dmoynihan

    There’s a guy named Gerry Williams who was with Iris and much of the Olympia gang. He later moved to NY and taught at I think NYU, but I don’t have his contact info anymore.

    He remembered her quite fondly.