An Austin Warning

OK, so I’m at Docs, sampling Texas pales, forgetting a lame time at Ego’s bar (which… sucked.)  Anyway, some jackass comes to the bar, wearing a Greene Turtle t, saying he’s from crabtown, asking about where to score a gram.  Interestingly, I lived in crabtown, gave him the high-northern (Towson-esque, Utahan, gets you laid) accent… No reply.  Then  I went with the more known Southern (going downey ocean hon… doesn’t get you laid).

Guy was unfamiliar with either dialect, nor any geography past the Inner Harbor (where the Orioles and Ravens play).  Then I told him that, well, speaking for old married guys, asking for a gram of pot at the bar just kinda marked you as an asshole in any jurisdiction.   And then him and his pal asked about another bar (like I know) before leaving.

Just to say, Austinians, some guy walks by, says he’s from Maryland, wants dope–pass him away.  Another guy walks buy, wants a pale–give him tips. Beyond the Shiner thing, ‘cuz that’s confusing.  (It’s really from TX?)

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