Last of the David Carrolls

I don’t care whether you people like it or not.  I finally have a book to bring with me to South Carolina.  And that’s really all that matters.

Fairly good, actually, for a mystery of its period.  Whatever his faults, Mr. Cohen had a great ear for dialect.

Disclaimer: Last year I went to SC, bought the pecans from Knott’s Berry Farm, and got my wife, a tea-drinker, some honey.  It was natural honey.  With wax in it.

Neither of us knows what to do with the wax.  Her sister was here last spring, from the UK, and we figure they’re more used to wax, but… they didn’t know either.

Or maybe it was the like the three shells in Demolition Man.

Anyway, I won’t buy honey this time.

… will Priceline a hotel room close to Vista again, though :)

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