Ya Know Kindle’s Gone Mainstream When

Actual submission by an actual totalfarker:

Subby has been planning on buying wife the Amazon Kindle for Christmas. Dumbmitter held out for potential black Friday sale. Amazon now shows they are sold out and orders will not ship for 13 weeks. Suggest emergency backup gift

That’s part of the Total Fark section, $5 a month well-spent if you want to read more than 100 responses.  The following image from Sony’s page:

Garnered this response:

Oh crap! Do I get the hipster outfit or at least the gay boots with the e-reader?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the inevitable Sony plug… wasn’t… well-received… though at least somebody acknowledged Sony’s 505 has the same screen quality as Kindle…. eventually.

Then a TF’er started mocking Canadians.

As an aside, reading the Ars Technica thing on Kindle being sold out:

The Kindle, Amazon’s surprisingly well-received e-content reader

Umm, surprising to who?

What was shocking exactly, that Amazon could link up with publishers of all sizes?  That they knew what their readers wanted?  That Mr. Bezos’ company has a special relationship with authors?  That he, somehow, felt they could go ahead with the device despite not using 3-year-old Adobe software that still doesn’t justify text?  I mean, Bezos apparently has opinions about software.

Kindle was never like Apple, where pre-Ipod the only Cupertino music experience stemmed from a lawsuit with Apple Records.  Amazon knows books pretty well, and unlike Sony or Adobe understood from the get-go that more that there are 60,000 publishers in the U.S., not six.

Who was surprised that Kindle would be a hit?

OK.  Fine.  Make that, who, without a lame agenda, was surprised?


(Disclaimer: Fark’s got that heavily male, decent-salaried demographic most advertisers kill for.)

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