Now There’s Ebay Hype?

OK, err, in places where The Memory Hole is not so much an Orwellian failing as a journalistic imperative, I’m now seeing radical price points for the Kindle resale market.  Certainly, those enthusiastic “reports” cover for missing the story so long ago.

Anyway, Kindle is hot, but not that hot.  With some exceptions devices have gone for around $400 used, $600 new.  Less than last year at this time, and likely to drop further in a couple of days, particularly for the used ones, as more and more Kindle users abandon their full-sized, wireless, E-inked, content-rich community for a smaller, LCD, Ipod touch.

(I read that last trend on Wikipedia, so it must be true.)

There are some pretty big volumes on Kindle, however.

Must resist temptation…
Must resist temptation…
Must resist temptation…

Fine, Blue Monday only.  You don’t have to read further. CreateSpace saved Christmas.

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  • bowerbird

    the idiot certainly is… well… an _idiot_, isn’t he?

    or is he a fox, doing the doubletalk for the hits?

    gotta wonder how valuable a “hit” is, though, if
    it’s caused by someone who cannot see through
    all the twisted meanderings of a forked tongue…