So Who’s on that Iceberg?

Hmm, Penguin, Random, S&S, Hachette, even Soft Skull parent Counterpoint.  There are two real advantages to Iceberg:

First is obvious: direct availability in the app store–as opposed to, “download the software, visit a third-party, open an account with third party, pay the third party….”

Second is more subtle.  The entire team is from publishing.  They know the business, the management and the current challenges.  They were all over the Manhattan/Brooklyn literary scene for months prior to launch (at events big and small).

It’s hard to quantify how important that is, but let’s compare: quiet demonstration and request for feedback from a fellow author at Happy Endings, to, oh, I don’t know, diatribes from some buzzword-spewing jackass with no professional experience outside of a handful of high-profile failures, who comes along and tells you exactly what it is you’re doing wrong.

Yeah, tough to see why Iceberg has so much interest from the content partners.   Real tough.

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