OMG, That Was Wade Roush!

He’s the dude who ran the very first ebook news site.  Evar.  That got bought, he ends up as the last person at Gemstar, turns off the lights, briefly runs or something (the domain never resolved), before splitting over to MIT’s Technology Review.

Anyway, Mr. Roush, the man who really made Fictionwise years ago with his “Slick new Epublisher” praise, doesn’t believe ebooks on Iphones compare that well with Kindle, and posits that Amazon’s extraordinary edge in content may well prove insurmountable, should a competitor ever emerge with real advantages in technology.

I would mention that no matter its shortcomings, Iphone makes a great marketing channel, as publishers like Penguin have shown, but… whatever.

Old friends at New Year; guess it’ll be a good one.

Via Kindle 2.0.

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