Well, It Doesn’t Deserve a Press Release

since it’s a feature folks have expected from printed books for the past couple hundred years.

But:  the newest version of Digital Editons finally supports Justified text!!!  At least if it’s included in a .css file!

Maybe next decade they’ll figure out who the content providers are and not to piss them off.


/Books I did with the pipeline have justified text, but Iphone readers despised the fixed-font.  Books created with Calibre don’t currently support justify in the default .css, but I’ll go pester Kovid or figure something else out.

//Need a new Munsey cover anyway.

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  • mtravellerh

    But Calibre does support full justification if you are using it in your CSS or as an inside tag. Kovid hasn’t used it in the default .css because it wasn’t displayed. I think, btw., that full justification should be a choice among others.

  • http://www.munseys.com dmoynihan

    Yeah, I’d been removing my other css to make it work, was asking for a –flag as he has for other options.