Pulpfest, successor in all things to Pulpcon, just announced their guest of honor will be the legendary Otto Penzler, award-winning publisher, writer, store owner.

OK, they announced that Valentine’s Day, but I really don’t keep up on these matters.  Anyway, they’re still in Ohio, but Columbus, no longer over Dayton way, and very much under new management.

I’m sure I’m persona non grata at these events.  But what they hell, they made up free fliers to promote, so with Kinko’s being one one of the few values left, I’ll hand out a bunch this weekend in Columbia,* and next month in Philly.

Mr. Penzler’s newest project is The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories.  The award for service to the pulp community this year will be The Munsey.

*Now, while the biggest attractions to Columbia in Winter are temperatures (warm), price ($46 a night for a king at the Marriott via Priceline), location (in staggering distance of Vista), and community (which turns out for it and buys up all my Silk’s), in fact Columbia has quite a few buyers of pulps… along with the more traditional Southern enthusiasts of Film Noir.

** Would have been even cooler if I’d known about this before the Tenn. Festival last year… but I guess the big switch took a while to develop.

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  • Mike Chomko

    Everyone is welcome at PulpFest. Heck, even one of Pulpcon’s organizing committee members was a dealer at PulpFest 2009. So if you’re in the neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio around the end of July 2010, please feel to drop in at your convenience. More than likely, you’ll have a wonderful time.